Prices and info

Prices and information for pet portraits 2018

If you would like to commission me to do a portrait of your pet, please think about whether you would like a head and shoulders portrait or the full body. Most people choose the head and shoulders only as the eyes are the most expressive part of the animal.

I am happy to meet your pet and take my own photos but this is not essential if you have good clear photos yourself or the pet is no longer with us. I do charge a small additional fee of £10 to take photos if you live near me in the Arundel/Chichester area.

If you wish to take photos yourself, please do so in natural daylight outside at the animal’s eye level to avoid distorting their features. If you have a favourite photo that was taken indoors please try to back it up with additional photos showing the true colour of eyes and their coat.

Please try to take the photos with the highest resolution possible on your camera or, if you are using a phone camera, don’t zoom in too much as the image becomes fuzzy when enlarged. You can email me digital photos.

Depending on the volume of work I have , your commission should take 2-4 weeks to complete from the time I have the photographic reference.

Most of my portraits are completed in artist quality lightfast pastels, which once they are protected behind glass, will last many lifetimes if kept away from direct heat and sunlight or damp.

A double mount is supplied of about 5cms all round. Framing is extra.

A blended background will be used but if you require a scene this will start at £20 extra.


SIZE                                                           PRICE                                           FRAME
(artwork only)                          (unframed inc.mount)              ( price approx.)
A4 / 20x30cms/  12″x8″                 £140                                       £40 extra
A3 /30×40 cms/ 16″x12″                £180                                       £45 extra
A2 /40x50cms/20″x16″                 £220                                       £50+ extra


Two heads A3                    £270
Three heads A3                 £315
Two Heads A2                    £330
Three heads A2                 £385